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Find and keep the best affiliates 

PartnerMatrix Intelligence (formerly DeepCI) is a unique affiliate competitive intelligence platform for the iGaming industry, offering game-changing data tracking.



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We know every affiliate website promoting you and your competitors’ brand

Are your iGaming brands on the most valuable affiliate sites? Do you know which pages drive the best traffic? PartnerMatrix Intelligence (formerly DeepCI) provides 24/7 visibility of where your brand is positioned.

Monitoring millions of individual affiliate pages across the world, our proprietary technology automates affiliate tasks, identifies traffic opportunities, and helps brands maximize the value of each affiliate website, optimize affiliate programs, and drive profitable partnerships.

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Monitor your existing iGaming affiliates and find new opportunities

If you are using the affiliate channel for acquisition, this is a must-see/must-have tool bringing significant benefits to casino and betting operators everywhere.


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Find profitable iGaming affiliate channels with PartnerMatrix Intelligence 

PartnerMatrix Intelligence (formerly DeepCI) empowers gaming companies to track both their own and their competitor’s performance and make rapid, revenue generating optimisation decisions.
  • Find valuable publishers 

    Discover new affiliates in your target markets that don’t currently promote your brands. 
  • Improve your brand footprint 

    Enhance your share of known publishers' traffic by focusing on important pages. 
  • Optimize your earnings

    Identify more valuable pages on your existing affiliate sites
  • Monitor competitors 

    Understand where your competitors outperform you and when they take your traffic. 
  • Identify site ownership 

    Let our intelligent site matching algorithms determine who owns an affiliate site. 
  • Monitor affiliate traffic 

    Instantly learn when an affiliate site or page gains or loses traffic. 
  • Manage market performance 

    Benchmark your performance against competitors for your most valuable keywords. 
  • Manage workflow

    Ensure that opportunities are properly closed through our workflow and reporting tools. 
  • Integration for your agency 

    Run separate affiliate programs with consolidated reporting of your agency’s performance

Stay on Top with Our Advanced Features

Harness powerful insights, real-time updates, smart integrations, and comprehensive data to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Real-time PPC data

Hourly updates for sharp PPC performance insights.

Live historical views

View past pages as if they’re current, from any device.

Integrated financial insights

Strategic insights combining financial data and traffic metrics.

Regulation compliance checker

Identify compliance across states with detailed brand analysis.

YouTube channel insights

Monitor and analyze brand promotions on YouTube effectively.

Direct Telegram data access

Access in-depth data and analytics from Telegram channels.

PartnerMatrix Intelligence (formerly DeepCI) delivers services to some of the world’s largest betting and gaming brands, including bet365, Buffalo Partners, Betway, and Chilli Partners 

Daily Updates and Real-Time Alerts

Stay ahead and informed
  • Discover new opportunities daily 

    Our smart algorithms find new prospects daily, so you don’t have to search through endless Google results. 
  • Receive alerts for lost positions. 

    Know when an affiliate has dropped your brand's positions on their pages. Recover lost positions faster.  
  • No complex, expensive traffic tools needed. 

    One tool that integrates keywords data, traffic data, and on-page brand positioning. 

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