How PartnerMatrix & DeepCI revolutionise affiliate operations

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Affiliate marketing has long been recognized as a cornerstone of promotional strategies in the gaming industry, with big revenues for casinos all over the world. However, as the landscape becomes increasingly competitive, relying solely on conventional approaches risks falling short of meeting the evolving demands of players and markets alike. 

This is where PartnerMatrix and DeepCI step in, offering a revolutionary integration that harnesses the power of data to drive affiliate operations to new heights. At the heart of this integration lies a commitment to leveraging real and relevant data to inform decision-making processes.

PartnerMatrix provides a robust platform for managing affiliate programs, while DeepCI complements this with its advanced data-driven tools, offering invaluable insights into affiliates’ activities and preferences. With access to comprehensive value reports and detailed analytics, operators gain a strategic edge, enabling them to tailor their marketing efforts with precision and effectiveness. 

Through this synergistic partnership, casinos and iGaming brands are empowered to optimize their operations in ways never before possible.

How DeepCI Empowers Your Affiliate Channel

DeepCI provides comprehensive access to essential data from affiliates around the world. With DeepCI, operators gain invaluable insights into their industry and brand presence, enabling them to precisely navigate the competitive landscape.

Through the platform, affiliates can effortlessly identify relevant pages related to their industry and brand, uncover new partnership opportunities and evaluate their potential based on traffic and page-by-page statistics.

Another power of DeepCI lies in its ability to trace placements across affiliate websites, offering unparalleled visibility into the performance of casino links:

  1. Casinos can ascertain exactly where their links appear
  2. The positions they hold on affiliate lists, directories, and even within articles

Armed with this information, iGaming operators can strategically optimize their brand positions, negotiate better deals with partners, and enhance overall visibility within the affiliate ecosystem.

Moreover, DeepCI extends its utility beyond mere visibility, providing a holistic view of all affiliate-related websites promoting similar games. When integrated with affiliate software, DeepCI becomes a potent tool for generating additional insights, such as identifying first-time depositors from specific websites. This symbiotic relationship between data and software empowers affiliates to make informed decisions, optimize performance, and unlock untapped potential within their affiliate channels.

Stay Ahead of the Game: Understanding Your Competitors

In the fiercely competitive landscape of affiliate marketing, staying ahead of the curve requires a deep understanding of your competitors’ strategies. By gaining insights into their actions and presence, affiliates can identify opportunities to outperform and differentiate themselves in the market. Here’s how PartnerMatrix and DeepCI enable affiliates to stay one step ahead: 

Unveil Competitors’ Strategies: By analyzing competitor activities and placements, your company can gain valuable insights into their strategies and tactics. 

Identify Competitor Pages: This knowledge provides a clear understanding of the competitive landscape and allows affiliates to identify gaps and opportunities for expansion. 

Identify Missed Opportunities: This insight enables affiliates to capitalize on missed opportunities and expand their reach within the affiliate ecosystem. 

Benchmark Positions: By benchmarking your presence and performance, affiliate managers can identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to enhance their visibility and competitiveness. 

With DeepCI’s comprehensive insights into competitor activities, affiliates can make informed decisions, optimize their strategies, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing. By staying one step ahead of their competitors, affiliates can position themselves for success and drive growth in their affiliate channels.

Easy Navigation and Filtering: Unleash Control with PartnerMatrix

PartnerMatrix offers a seamless experience for operators and affiliate managers, providing effortless navigation and robust filtering options right at your fingertips. Within a single dashboard, affiliates gain full control over their operations, allowing them to streamline their efforts and maximize efficiency. 

Here’s how PartnerMatrix and DeepCI simplifies navigation and filtering: 

Filter by Country: easily filter your data by location, enabling targeted campaigns tailored to specific geographic markets. Whether it’s targeting Europe, Asia, or other regions, affiliates can fine-tune their strategies to resonate with local audiences and regulatory requirements. 

Filter By Vertical: choose the niche and industry parameters for your brand, such as casino, sports, lotto, and bingo. Set your criteria to narrow down to the best-fit affiliates for your games and offers. 

Filter by Brand/Keyword: this option enables affiliate managers to narrow down their searches to a certain publisher or media platform, find crypto-friendly affiliates for your brand, or set any other needed search parameter. 

Filter by Monthly Traffic: another important filter allowing you to find affiliates with the most relevant traffic quality, understand affiliates’ monthly activity and choose the best fit for your brand. 

(!) PartnerMatrix’s intuitive interface and robust filtering capabilities empower affiliates to navigate through vast amounts of data effortlessly. With the ability to filter by different parameters, affiliates can optimize their strategies, enhance targeting, and drive growth in their affiliate channels with precision and ease.

Complete Set of Affiliate Tools For a Seamless and Powerful Channel

With PartnerMatrix & DeepCI integration, our clients get the unique opportunity not only to create and maintain the most successful affiliate channel but also to trace every single activity of your brand on affiliate and partner websites.

Moreover, this integration allows you to analyze the market for better brand positioning and more powerful partnership activation. The most important thing is that you get all the control from one dashboard.

Feel free to schedule a meeting with our specialist for PartnerMatrix demo presentation or ask any questions about PartnerMatrix affiliate marketing solutions!


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