8 Mistakes Affiliate Managers made in 2023

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The iGaming industry is constantly evolving, and in this fast-paced environment, affiliate managers face unique challenges. Throughout 2023 we’ve seen some common pitfalls that even seasoned professionals have fallen into, but here’s the good news, DeepCI offers multiple innovative solutions to overcome these challenges, propelling affiliate management to new heights. Let’s dive into these missteps and explore how DeepCI can turn them around for your benefit. 


1.  Not Harnessing Data Analytics: The true art of affiliate management in 2023 hinged on meticulous data analysis, yet many managers overlooked this crucial element to success. DeepCI’s advanced capabilities dissect and understand the nuances of each affiliate page, however if you haven’t been using this functionality then it has meant you have missed out on tailoring your strategy and fine-tuning opportunities that could have led to significant enhancements in affiliate relationships and performance.


2.  Overlooking Global Market Dynamics: The digital world knows no boundaries, but affiliate managers frequently fell short in leveraging this expansiveness. DeepCI offers an exceptional breadth of market coverage, spanning more than 70+ geographies, including the complex U.S regulated state-by-state market. If you missed tapping into this rich reservoir of global insights then you will have narrowed your scopeand failed to maximise the untapped potential that lies in these diverse and dynamic markets.


3.  Neglecting Brand Position Monitoring: Brand positioning is dynamic and requires constant vigilance, however, many managers in 2023 underestimated the importance of actively monitoring brand positions and the evolving affiliate landscape. DeepCI’s cutting-edge tools for intelligent brand detection are designed to navigate this ever-changing terrain. If you sidelined these tools then this inevitably lead to a lack of timely responses to market changes and missed opportunities for brand enhancement.


4.  Ignoring Traffic Allocation Analysis: Understanding where and how traffic flows from affiliates to brands is crucial. DeepCI’s sophisticated algorithms break down these traffic streams, offering invaluable insights. Many managers, however, did not capitalize on this information, leading to suboptimal decision-making and missed opportunities for traffic maximization.


5.  Confusing SEO and PPC Affiliate Strategies: The digital marketing world is multifaceted, with SEO and PPC affiliates playing distinct roles. In 2023, a common oversight was the failure to differentiate and strategize accordingly, especially regarding cloaking and uncloaking techniques. This misjudgment led to underutilization of each type’s unique benefits and limitations, impacting campaign effectiveness.


6.  Underestimating Emerging Social Media Platforms: Platforms such as Telegram and YouTube have emerged as powerful affiliate channels, but  many managers in 2023 did not fully recognize or harness their potential of these platforms. DeepCI’s capabilities in tracking and analyzing these new avenues were left on the table by some. If this was you then you missed many opportunities in these burgeoning spaces.


7.  Not Utilizing Proactive Alert Systems: In the fast-paced world of affiliate marketing, staying ahead of the curve is key. Yet, some managers failed to utilize DeepCI’s advanced alert systems designed to flag high-impact threats and opportunities. This lack of proactive strategy meant delayed responses to critical market shifts, impacting both risk management and opportunity capture.


8.  Inadequate Understanding of Affiliate Networks: Effective affiliate management requires a comprehensive understanding of the network. DeepCI’s advanced affiliate tag matching system offers a panoramic view of the affiliate landscape. If you haven’t used this powerful  feature ,then this may well have lead to  a fragmented understanding of affiliate networks as well as missed opportunities for strategic alignments and partnerships. 

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The digital marketing world is evolving rapidly, and so should your strategies. Leave behind the pitfalls of 2023 and step into 2024 with a robust, data-driven approach. DeepCI is your key to unlocking this potential. Utilize our advanced analytics, global insights, and cutting-edge technology to propel your affiliate program to new heights. 

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