Who Reigns Supreme? Unveiling the Top Brands in Affiliate Marketing

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In collaboration with EGR, we are thrilled to present the latest insights into the top brands in the iGaming industry. In the fast-changing world of affiliate marketing, some brands always stand out. This month, we’ve seen some exciting changes among the top players. Let’s take a closer look at the top performers and the consistent leaders shaping the market.

Big Movers This Month

  • Mostbet surged 42 positions to secure the top spot in the Indian casino market.
  • BC Game climbed 59 positions to reach second place in Peru.
  • Dublinbet also experienced success, advancing 11 positions in the Irish casino market.

Top Brands in Global Rankings

Our tracking across over 70 countries reveals the top brands in the global rankings, consistently leading the way. These brands’ repeated appearances show their strong strategies and market influence time and time again.
  • 1XBET: Leading with 23 appearances, showcasing its strategic strength and significant influence.
  • BETWAY: With 17 appearances, this brand displays a solid market presence and consistent performance.
  • 888 Casino: Marking its presence with 15 appearances, emphasizing its strong position and market engagement.
  • UNIBET: With 13 appearances, highlighting its resilience and effective strategies.
  • 22BET: Demonstrating solid endurance with 12 appearances, reinforcing its important position.
  • BC Game: Achieving 11 appearances, indicating its growing influence and successful engagement strategies.
  • BETANO: Also with 11 appearances, reflecting its steady rise in the competitive landscape.

Watch the Thrilling Showdown

The competition is tough as these brands compete for the top spots. Our latest racing bar chart offers a fun and engaging look at the rankings from May 2023 to May 2024 for the top brands/operators in the Indian casino market.
Who’s on top? See the full details on our YouTube and enjoy the exciting showdown.

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