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A few months ago, we spotlighted local heroes dominating their markets through country-specific top-level domains (TLDs). This month, we shift our focus to affiliates with a global strategy, examining major international sites targeting various regions using generic TLDs. 

Our analysis reveals several consistent leaders, led by, which appeared an impressive 32 times on our May 2024 country leaderboards, showcasing its broad influence and reach. Following closely is, with 21 appearances, demonstrating its strong presence. made 18 appearances, highlighting its status as a significant global player. 

Rounding out the top five are Blexr-owned and Skores Media’s, each with 15 leaderboard appearances. 


May 2024’s Big Movers 

  • moving up 14 positions in the Indonesian sports market. 
  • climbing 11 positions in the Malaysian sports market. 
  • surging 48 positions in the Peruvian casino market. 


Who’s Top in the Indian Casino Market? 

This month, we focus on the electrifying casino market in India, where holds a strong position over has maintained its top spot for an entire year, never losing its lead on our leaderboard. Watch as smaller players continue to battle it out. For a comprehensive analysis, check out the full rankings on our YouTube. 

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